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My ideal engagement is a long, and passionate date with a gentleman who is selective, sophisticated, and enjoys the company of a beautiful woman! From start to finish, chemistry and connection are important to me and will enhance our time together.. It takes a spark to start a fire!

Can't wait to meet you!

Donation handling

Upon meeting, my donation must be prepared before we meet and placed in the bathroom in an unsealed envelope that you will leave in plain view as it will not be discussed or confirmed over the phone or in person.

If we're meeting in public first, please have the donation in a gift bag at the beginning of the meeting, I also love the idea of having it in a book that you'd love me to read! 

Be mindful of personal hygiene prior to meeting, I expect to be greeted freshly showered and with fresh breath.


I do not offer any discounts. My donation is non-negotiable and any attempt to ask for a discount or barter with me will result in us never meeting and all communication to cease. This is one of my biggest turn-offs and I will not meet you if I'm turned off, I will not want to waste my time nor yours.

Please do not ask me for coffee, lunch to hang out or any form of "off the clock" time without compensation. I offer dates of various varieties so we can enjoy as much time as possible together. If you're interested in something more exclusive, please inquire about the arrangement.


I understand that changes might happen and emergencies may arise, however, if cancelling or re-scheduling our engagement is necessary, please be respectful of my time and contact me at your earliest possible convenience. All cancellation made within less than 72h is subject to 50% cancellation fee. All cancellation made within less than 24h is subject to 100% cancellation fee. All deposits already paid for will be kept for 6 months so you have plenty of time to reschedule.  Please be respectful of my time, as I respect yours.


I only see a selective number of gentlemen every month and do not want explicit, intimate or potentially incriminating details of us to be put on the internet.


I value discretion, privacy and confidentiality highly and I expect you to do the same. Thus, I do not allow reviews.



Explicit, vulgar and one-liners (the dreadful "u available?" or "u ever come to __?") will be automatically deleted and not answered. Please be respectful when trying to contact me and do not ask for any inappropriate content such as personal selfies/inappropriate dirty talk. 

I would love to fulfil any special request you may have in mind for our time together. If you're enticed by one of lingerie sets, think a pair of heels look irresistible, or perhaps have a specific scenario that gets your heart racing, please do let me know! If I do not have a specific outfit to fulfil your request you are more than welcome to purchase it for me and have me model it for you.

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